With more than a decade working in the field of program production and media training from the founders, BHT Media was established with the effort to understand the gaps of the market and the aspiration to endlessly imporving and innovating in order to provide the customer with the need for specialized activities suitable for each. Therefore, the brand value of BHT is increasingly confirmed in the media market.
While oriented focusing on intensive exploit on fields consists of soft skills training, media production, rental training ground, event training and organizing for businesses, ect… BHT is insightful in capturing and meeting the needs of different individuals and businesses, especially the need in equipping life skills in family enviroment, business environment, social environment – a topic that is currently receiving serious attention from community.
It can be said that recently the level of competition in skill training field is feirceful. More and more training units are established, offering the market countless of various suitable options. Despite not being the first company to take place in the skill training game, BHT posseses the founding and operating team of 10 years experience, enriched in enthusiasm, dynamism, always striving to create different and iconic activities to maximizing the ability to receive and apply the lessons, while still respecting the personality of the learner. At BHT Media, respecting the original aspects and promoting the potentials of the students are the top two priorities.
Not stopping at only the given values, given the already built branding, strength in media and promotion market, BHT Media also focus on searching and nurturing the youth talents, teens talents, creating a variety of rich environments to help the youth with an opportunity to express themselves. BHT Media also striving to be the best amongst the brands that provides creative messages for the communities and society.
On the occasion of the Lunar New year 2021, with the aim of creating an interesting and meaningful to save memorable moments of the families, BHT Media is launching the event “Day Be Chuc Tet” (“Teaching Youth Happy New Year”), with 2 time frames: 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM. The event is expected to be held at Coporation of Training Media and Advertising BHT Media – 456/36A Cao Thang (enlonged), Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Each participant will be taken 3 pictures with the Lunar New year theme and 1 viral video. The costume and make up will be prepared by the parents.
While waiting, each parents can spend their time exchange with the experts on the matter regarding the children’s gifted talents. BHT Media also gives out voucher for the Streamer Kids course worth of 500,000 VND for each parent participate in the “Teaching Youth Happy New Year” event. Streamer Kids is the course that helps promote the confidence and dynamism inside each children, guiding them to master the technology in the digital media age.
In addition, parents can also receive a voucher for a fingerpprint biometric course, helps decoding the hidden abilities of the children provided by a companion unit – Life Decode Academy.
Picture files and video files will be given on 7/2/2021 (26/12 of Lunar calendar). To receive original the files, parents just have to like the BHT fanpage & share the post in public mode. BHT Media commits to not collect any extra fee since this event is created with a healthy criteria and to give back to the community.
Pictures of the childrens who participates in the event will be post on BHT Media fanpage, on BHT Media Youtube channel to receive public feedbacks & votes. Children with the most likes & share will win 500,000 VND in cash. The voting gate will close at 8:00 AM on 16/02/2021 and the summary of likes, shares will take place on the 6th of Tet (17/02/2021).