With more than a decade of experience in the TV show production and communication training industry, BHT Media was established with the aim of understanding the gaps of market demands and constantly innovating to bring out numerous specialized activities for each customer. Therefore, the brand value of BHT is increasingly confirmed in the media industry.
With the focus of intensive exploitation of soft skills training, media production, training venue rental – corporate training and event organization, etc., BHT has a flair for capturing and responding to the needs of various individuals and businesses, especially the issue of equipping life skills for individual, business and social environment, which attracts receiving serious attention from the community.
It can be said that at the present, the competition in the skills training market is quite severe. More and more training firms are open offering the market a wide variety of options. Although BHT was built a bit later than the others, the founding and operating team has accumulated more than 10 years of real life experience, rich enthusiasm, dynamism, and always strive to create unique and different activities to maximize the ability to aware and apply the skills of the learners together with respecting their individuality. At BHT Media, respecting the original values and promoting the learners’ potential are the two top priority criteria.
Not only that, with the strengths in communication and advertising, personal and corporate branding, BHT Media focuses on finding and incubating young talents, youth talents, creating more environment for them to express their talents. We strive to be the first firm in creating meaningful playgrounds, lots of rewarding training activities, and spreading great messages to the community and society.
On the occasion of the lunar new year 2021, with the aim of creating an attractive and meaningful playground to save memorable moments for families, BHT Media launched the program “Day be chuc xuan” on the 30th and 31st Jan 2021 (Saturday and Sunday) with two time frames: 8:30am and 2pm. The program was held specially at BHT Media – 456/36A Cao Thang St. (extended), Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Each child took a set of 3 photos and shot 1 clip viral Happy New Year in the spring theme background. The costumes and make up would be prepared by parents for the kids. While waiting for the photoshoots, parents could join in the workshop of how to orient and foster talents for children. At the same time, BHT Media also gives each parent a voucher worth VND500,000 for the Streamer Kids course, which is to help develop confidence and dynamism for children, and guide them to master technology in the digital media age. In addition, parents are also given a fingerprint biometric voucher to help decode the child’s hidden talents from the sponsor – Life Decode Academy.
The photos and videos would be returned on February 7, 2021 (ie, on the 26th of the Lunar New Year). To receive the original photos and clips, parents just need to like the BHT Media fanpage and share the article in public mode. To support the community, BHT Media commits not to charge any fees. The children’s photos would be posted on BHT Media fanpage, and the clips would be posted on the YouTube channel BHT Media to receive public votes. The children who have the top number of likes and shares would be given 500,000 VND in cash. The vote count would be finished at 8am on February 16, 2021 and the result would be announced on the 6th of the lunar new year (ie February 17, 2021).