Core values

  • BOLDNESS: Bravely catch up with the trend, facing up to challenges with wits and innovative to create new values in communication.
  • HARMONY: Harmonically adapt to the environment while delicately strengthen relationships with customers, employees and associates to create optimal value.
  • TRUST: Prestige always comes first, BHT focuses on maintaining the reputation with partners and customers, respecting and treating employees and associates fairly.

Operation citerias:

  • Conscientious: Originating from the mission of “Enhancing Vietnam’s media creativity in the digital age”, we believe that when working with all enthusiasm and respect for the original values ​​of each employee and guests. supporting each individual to develop themselves into the best version of themselves, everyone when coming to BHT Media will be listened to and oriented to suit each individual goal and each business status.
  • Efforts: At BHT Media, creative and harmonious souls work together, carrying each other to reach the common goal, no matter big or small. Every day is a day of learning, experiencing new horizons, taking challenges and embarking on the path of prosperity ahead of us. On the next journey, we desire to work with you to create, nurture dreams and persistence in reaching our dreams.
  • Different: With each product, each project, BHT Media always puts the people as the core. These criteria, along with the love trust and support from customers and the community, help BHT Media be empowered to spread positive, new and clean values to the Vietnamese media industry, especially in the field of KOL training – a story that is challenging but also full of creativity and hope.